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Frequently asked questions

What do I get in the package?

The package includes:

  • The device with batteries (6 x AA)
  • A bag to store the device
  • A pouch
  • A measuring spoon
  • A cap

How accurate is the device?

If used properly, based on the guidance, the accuracy is the same level expected from a laboratory level device.

What species are included in the price?

The GrainSense device comes with 4 grain species: Wheat, Barley, Oats and Rye. Additional species, such as rapeseed, will be added in the near future and can be downloaded from the GrainSense (additional costs might apply).

What technology is behind GrainSense?

The basic measurement principle is identical to that used in laboratory devices, namely near-infrared spectroscopy (NIRS). The main difference behind the GrainSense device is it’s patented sphere design to make measurements. The sphere design reduces the amount of light that escapes, thereby allowing the device to be battery operated and handheld.

How big should the sample size be, and is it representative?

The sample size should be 60 - 80 kernels, which is a statistically representative sample size. If the sample is too large, there is a risk of kernels covering each other and distorting the results. If you have a large batch, we recommend taking 3-4 samples from different places. The GrainSense app will then help you calculate the average values.

Where will my data go and who can access it?

When you send your results from your device to the GrainSense app, your data will be securely stored in our database. Only you will be able to access your personal data via the GrainSense app and upcoming web dashboard.

If I make a measurement, can I send the results to someone else?

After saving a measurement to your GrainSense app, you can share your results via WhatsApp, Email, Facebook and many other networks.

Can I use GrainSense without a phone?

You need a phone and an account to upload your settings into your device, including your selected species. When that is set, you can use the device without a phone. Please note though that without a phone you will not be able to store your results anywhere.

Can I use GrainSense without internet or mobile network connection?

You do not need internet or mobile network connection when measuring in the field. As long as you have your smartphone and the device connected via Bluetooth, the application will store the results to the phone. The smartphone will then backup the results to the user account later, when internet connection is available.

What sort of guarantee is included?

The device comes with a 1 year technical guarantee. The grain specie calibrations are kept up-to-date on a yearly basis, which will automatically be available for download on the GrainSense app.

Do the grain calibrations work for grain from anywhere in the world?

We can only guarantee lab level accuracy for the grain calibrations in the countries we are currently selling in. In countries where we are not officially selling GrainSense yet, the results may vary slightly.  


Before contacting customer support, please go through the following checklist:

1. Make sure you have working internet connection in the phone

2. Update the latest version of the app from the App Store (iOS) or Google Play (Android)

3. Make sure that you have allowed the app to use Bluetooth and location services

a) If there is a problem with Bluetooth, please restart the phone operating system (from settings) as sometimes Bluetooth can become inactive

b) Verify in your phone settings that location services are activated, especially for Android 10

4. Delete application cache and memory

a) This can be done from phone settings -> applications

5. Make sure you have the correct email and password

a) This can be tested using Farmer Dashboard as well - https://dashboard.grainsense.com

b) You can reset password from https://dashboard.grainsense.com/reset_password//

6. Reset device and update latest calibrations

a) Press both arrows while powering on the device

b) Open app

c) Connect to the device

d) Select proper calibrations to upload

7. Do a test measurement with known sample and verify correct values

My device shut when I tried to take a measurement

Unfortunately different branded batteries can behave differently, which means our software doesn't capture the capacity correctly. In these cases the batteries can stop working without any indication of battery led.

We always recommend by best possible Alkaline batteries (AA) that are optimized for high drains (e.g. for remote controlled cars).