Manage your farm based on actual data

Measure the quality of your grains on the spot with GrainSense, and start making confident decisions based on actual data.
Learn to know your grains
How much protein am I feeding to my animals? Am I paying the right price? Where should I sell my harvest? Am I getting the right price?
Know how to manage silos
Never spoil your best yield with a lower quality batch.
Measure grain quality before harvesting
In what order should I harvest? It’s just about to rain, which field should I harvest first?

Get your measure when you need it and where you need it

  • Patented optic measuring
  • Small sample size – just a small cup is enough
  • Laboratory level standards in accuracy and design
  • Easy to use and ergonomic. Comes with a carry bag and a measure cup
  • Frequent calibrations for new types of grains and for keeping high standards in accuracy

Connect to
the cloud

Use the app to check your measurements
Data is stored safely in the cloud instead of notebooks.

The app and the cloud services are constantly developed. In the beginning, they will be a smart way to keep your data safe. In the future, they will save you money and give you advice in many intelligent ways.

    GrainSense package includes

  • Measurement device
  • Smartphone app
  • Cloud services
  • User account
  • Calibrations for 4 species of grain
  • Carry bag & measure cup

Estimated pay back time on average:

one harvesting season

Order your GrainSense device and start saving money straight away.