Benefits of using GrainSense
  • Optimize the protein in livestock feed
  • Decide if you should store or sell
  • Sell the grains for their real value
  • Purchase the right quality
  • Decide which crops should be sold and which  should be used as feed
Use case

“Before GrainSense, when we were selling wheat, we had to hand-pick samples, send them to a laboratory and then wait for a week to get results. We now get results within a matter of minutes."

Available species

Wheat and barley in all countries where we officially distribute. Rapeseed, oats and rye are offered on a country specific basis.

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How GrainSense Works?

GrainSense is portable near-infrared device with patented technology that analyzes protein, moisture, carbohydrates and oil contents from crops. Only a few kernels are needed, and results are obtained in few seconds.

Measure with the device both offline and online

Get the results and GPS location with the mobile app

Store the results in the cloud and analyze them in the Farmer Dashboard or mobile app

Why choose GrainSense

Financial benefits

Proven to work

Easy to use

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"Instead of waiting for several days for an analysis message, I now get a direct answer and I expect it will give me benefits in sales"

-Nils Bosson
Grain Farmer, Nybårg Sweden

"With GrainSense we can quickly and easily control the quality of the new and old harvest and then decide what to sell and what to feed"

-Peter Pålsson
Grain farmer - Rydsgård, Sweden

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