– A laboratory in the hands of every farmer.

Measure the quality of your grains on the spot with GrainSense, and start making confident decisions based on data.

Test your quality
on the spot

The GrainSense device allows you to collect a fast and accurate measure of your grain in just seconds where ever you happen to be.

  1. Protein – lab level accuracy in the field.
  2. Moisture – faster and better accuracy even with high moisture level.
  3. Oil – the number to know for oil seed farmers.
  4. Carbs – a key component for industrial use.

Manage your farm based on data.

How much protein am I feeding to my animals?
Which field should I harvest first?

Lab level quality
for the field

At a fraction of the price and the size of traditional equipment, GrainSense is a laboratory in the hands of every farmer.

Working together for the common good


We’re developing GrainSense in close collaboration with those who will benefit the most of our innovation, the farmers. If you would like to follow and be part of the community, please subscribe to our newsletter.